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One Man Army - Reinforced Edition - OUT NOW

Following the success of One Man Army, Eld Varg have returned with an updated, heavier and tighter version of the album - The Reinforced Edition

Reworked from the ground up, the Reinforced Edition builds upon the solid foundation laid down by the 2021 release of One Man Army, and takes the heavy metal to previously unimaginable heights. This edition sees each song returned to the forge, tempered in the fiercest of flames, emerging stronger, heavier and perfectly formed. 


"The original release of One Man Army was a personal triumph for myself and the band, and something that I'll be eternally proud of. Having the chance to revisit and rework these songs was an opportunity I couldn't pass. There has been a lot of growth in the Eld Varg camp over the past year and being able to prove myself and give back the versions of these songs the fans deserve is the perfect way to put a final stamp on part 1 in the Eld Varg story.


This is the version One Man Army was always meant to be."

 Recorded in the newly revamped Fort Noakes Studios in Scotland, this edition contains the original 10 songs entirely rerecorded, with the utmost attention, passion and precision given to each and every step of the process, from recording through to mastering. The release also contains the acoustic version of Wastelands and the brand new song, Wanderer, a song written around the release of OMA21 and now released to you all.


"One Man Army - Reinforced Edition" is out now!

Head to our store to pick up your copy now!

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